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Conivet Industry, No1 Online Casino

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7 recommended points of Konivet!

  1.   Reliable 24/7 support in Japanese: Email/Live chat/LINE/Twitter.

  2. Full deposit and withdrawal methods: credit card/virtual currency/STICPAY/iWallet/Venus Point/bank transfer, etc.

  3. A wide variety of games: Over 2000 games such as slots/live casino/video casino/sports betting/e-sports betting/shooting games!

  4. Real-time RTP data disclosure not found in other online casinos.

  5. Delicious promotions are held regularly / Popular promotions can be extended.

  6. VIP Program Rebate Bonus: No Level Downgrade! No daily rebate limit!

  7. Compatible with PCs, smartphones and tablets.


Conivet also supports deposits and withdrawals at banks!

Also available on Saturdays and Sundays!

No fees!

​ Withdrawal time averages 10 minutes!

​Let's play with Konivet's experience bonus!


​Experience Konibet with your Konibet experience bonus!

You can get $20 just by registering now.

Notes on experience bonuses

  • $20 no deposit bonus (one time per person)

  • Withdrawal limit $200 (Deposit record is required to withdraw)

  • ​Wagering requirement is 5 times (must bet $100 or more)

​Konivet Revenge Bonus

  •  Deposit without betting[Apply for revenge bonus]and apply for live chat.

  • Only players who deposit for the first time will receive 50% of the deposit amount if the balance of the deposit amount is less than $1.

  •  The bonus granted has a wagering requirement of 0x, so you can play it or withdraw it! !

  • The minimum deposit amount is $100 and the maximum bonus amount is $500! (Even if the deposit exceeds $1,000, the bonus will be $500.)

Notes on revenge bonus

Maximum amount that can be spent per round
★ Live Casino: $25
★Slot game: $10
* The maximum purchase limit for bonus purchase type is $10.
Models with a minimum purchase amount of $10 or more are not eligible for play.
★ Shooting game: $10
★Video casinos, e-sports, original sports betting: Prohibited games *1
*1: It is possible to play with the given bonus amount.

Konivet cashback every Saturday!


Promotion details

  • If you lose during the event period every Thursday from 00:00 (Japan time) to Wednesday 23:59 (Japan time), you can get up to 10% of the lost amount as cashback!

  • Cashback will be given every Saturday from 12:00 (Japan time) during the event period.

  • The wagering requirement for the given cashback is 0x, so you can play it as it is or withdraw it!

  • The cashback calculation method is during the period
    [Total Loss* - Rebate Amount - Other Bonus Amount] x Percentage according to VIP Level
    *[Total Loss] is calculated as [Total Bet - Total Win] during the target period.

  •  Beginner 5%

  •  Ichisei 7%

  •   8% of two stars

  •  Samsung 9%

  •  Hero's Sword 10%

  •  Royal Club 10+%

​ *If the cashback amount is less than $10 with the above formula, it will not be eligible for cashback.

Application method

[I will have it! ! ]and apply for live chat.
After the application is approved, you will automatically be eligible for cashback from the next Thursday!
There is no need to apply every week for automatic renewal.
In case you want to withdraw
[Thank you for the meal! ! ]and apply for live chat.


  1. No duplicate accounts with the same IP.

  2. Cannot be used in conjunction with some promotions. (Check the terms of each promotion!)

  3. KYC must be provided in order to receive the bonus.

  4. Konibet reserves the right to terminate this Promotion without notice and has all final decisions regarding this Promotion.

Fast deposit and withdrawal speed!!
The industry's largest rebate program!!
The largest game lineup in the industry!

Withdrawal processing completed within 60 minutes at the fastest, unlimited withdrawal limit! 

The industry's largest 1.50% rebate bonus (distributed daily) as a constant promotion

Level up bonus:

Get bonus chips up to $2000

Birthday Bonus:

Get up to $2000 on your birthday

Over 2000 games available including EVOLUTION, PLAYTECH, and MICRO!

Unlimited withdrawals!

An online casino where you can withdraw large winnings instantly.

​You can play sports bets!

Conivet can bet on world tournaments such as Nippon Professional Baseball, NBA, FIFA, as well as sports games in each country!

​Conivet basic information
Conivet VIP program system
​ quick reference table
level up bonus
  • After meeting the level up conditions, the system will automatically level up before 19:00 on the 5th of the following month.

  • The "bet amount" in the judging conditions is the cumulative total of valid bet amounts after the first login.

  • On the last day of the previous month, the system will automatically settle the bet amount.

  • All level up bonuses can only be received once.

birthday bonus
  • Players who have achieved [1 star etc.] will receive a birthday bonus once a year. The birthday bonus will be delivered to your bonus wallet.

  • 3 days before and after your birthday (00:00 to 23:59), a total of 7 days are open days for bonus applications. If you do not apply within the period, your eligibility will be lost. (For example: Mr. A's birthday is on January 4th, and you can apply from 00:00 on January 1st to 23:59 on January 7th.)

rebate rate
  • Slots and Live Casino rebate percentages are calculated after leveling up according to the rebate percentage for that level

VIP conditions and rules
  • Our terms and conditions apply to all levels.

  • Konibet reserves the right to revoke the bonus or any profits made by the bonus and return the VIP level to Novice if the player has obtained VIP status through fraudulent activity.

  • Konibet reserves the right to terminate this bonus without notice and has the final say on all decisions regarding this bonus.

  • For prohibited games with VIP level-up bonuses and birthday bonuses, please refer to Promotion Terms 7. on the Konibet official website. If you play a prohibited game, it will be considered a violation of the rules, and the casino will confiscate the bonus and the winnings obtained from the bonus.

The sportsbook is back in power at Konivet
You can also bet on ​RIZIN!

コニベト スポーツ1.png

Simply put, a sportsbook is a place where you can predict the outcome of actual sports matches and place bets with real money.

You can bet on world tournaments such as Nippon Professional Baseball, NBA, FIFA, RIZIN, as well as sports games in each country!

Also, as there is a word "pro gamer"
Games also have esports competitions. At an e-sports tournament where you fight on your computer
Predict which team will win and bet real money!

​Konivet 3 Recommended Game Companies


Recommendation 3: Play'n GO

Playing Go is very popular with Japanese players, including the popular slot "Moon Princess", which is officially announced to be made with Japanese animation in mind.

Quality of graphics and BGM
high, ranking in the top 3 within Konibet
Popular provider.

Konivet Recommended Slots

High RTP = Slots that are easy for players to win.
Conivet publishes real-time RTP data like no other!


red tiger

Dragon's Fire

The best feature of the popular slot Dragon's Fire is the multiplier machine that is added for each spin
Noh. The highest is "x 50" with a multiplier, so if the hit continues, it will continue
The more you increase your chances of winning more dividends!

Recommendation 1: Evolution Gaming

Speaking of live casino, Evo!
Evolution Gaming is so popular that it is said.

Baccarat recommended for beginners, of course
Blackjack and poker are also available

I was able to choose the angle of the live camera
and daringly announce the results
And it's online, so my heart is pounding
Feeling and real like being in a land casino
You can feel it.


Recommendation 2: CQ9

Established in 2017, it is a very new provider, but as a game provider specializing in the development of video slots, it is attracting attention from both the industry and players.

Enjoying listening to music at the club
I want you to enjoy the atmosphere of playing,
The BGM and atmosphere of the slots are very tasteful
It has become something.


Dead or Alive 2

A representative slot of NETENT. This series is a slot set in the western movie, and the pattern is a pistol.
There are patterns reminiscent of Western movies, such as sake, cowboy hats, etc. the volatility
It is a slot where you can aim high and big wins.


Divine Showdown

The theme is "God's Confrontation"! In this slot, the four "Son Goku, Anubis, Athena, Thor"
Human gods will appear at random to help you win dividends. into free spins
When you enter it, it unfolds into a battle, and it is a very elaborate slot!

Konivet Games galore!


Online Baccarat: Live Casino Experience at its finest

Online baccarat is one of the most popular online casino games. It's an easy-to-use, fun-filled game that's perfect for those who don't like to memorize lots of hands, complicated bets, and tons of rules.

Konibet is one of the best websites for baccarat online casinos that offers plentiful bonuses and promotions and an easy-to-use online betting platform.

Starting today, you can play live baccarat at Konibet and hit the jackpot. Enjoy a wide range of casino games, including over 500 popular slots and over 50 card and table games from well-known providers such as Microgaming and Playtech.


Play online casino slots with Konibet

The thrill of spinning the reels in online casino slots is unbelievable and one of the best ways to enjoy the casino experience. Konibet offers a wide range of instant play online slot games. 3-reel classic slots, multi-payline slots, multi-reel slots, video slots, progressive slots and many more web slots to choose from. Many games come with attractive online jackpots and other prizes that you should not miss. We are one of the few sites that accept VISA.

 Whether you're looking for progressive online jackpots or low-stakes games, you can't go wrong trying the best games from top software developers in the industry.

At Miracle Casino you can enjoy a huge variety of slots and table games. No matter what you choose, you will never get bored with video slots, especially since new titles are being released all the time.

Conivet ongoing promotions

50% [real money] cashback when the balance runs out! The wagering requirement is zero times the other world! [Can be withdrawn immediately] You can also use non-standard rebate rates!


The strongest tag of rebate & cashback! ! ! Weekly maximum 10% reduction promotion for a limited time! Moreover, [Wagering requirement is 0x], so you can withdraw immediately!


If you want to play at an online casino, Konibet!!! Get a limited $20 experience bonus just by becoming a resident of Konibet Island! Please take this opportunity to register with Konibet!


Konibet live casino rebate bonus for playing. You can get the amount corresponding to the VIP table! Start now and start accumulating rebate bonuses!


Konibet slot rebate bonus for playing. You can get the amount corresponding to the VIP table! Start now and start accumulating rebate bonuses!

Konivet has many deposit and withdrawal systems!

At Konivet, from your own bank account
You can deposit and withdraw directly.
Moreover, the casino does not charge any deposit or withdrawal fees.

スクリーンショット 2020-02-23 16.55.13.png
24 hours a day, 365 days a year
​Japanese support
スクリーンショット 2020-02-23 16.55.20.png
Deposit shortest immediate
Withdrawal average 10 minutes
​ Mobile compatible
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