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konibet terms of use

  1. Introduction
    1.1.You (hereinafter referred to as "you" or "player") use (hereinafter referred to as "this site"), and by opening an account on this site, use that can be viewed on this site By using this site, you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions, privacy policy, casino game rules, bonuses and promotion of special offers. All terms and conditions referred to above can be found on the "Terms and Conditions" page, so please read them carefully before agreeing to them. If you use this website in accordance with the "Terms of Use" or if you do not agree to the "Terms of Use" itself, please do not open an account or continue using this site. The act of using this site itself is regarded as a declaration of intention to agree to the "Terms of Use". "Terms of Use" will be enforced from October 16, 2019.


  2. party
    2.1. This site is licensed (365/JAZ) by the Government of Curacao and is compliant with regulations and operates in accordance with regulations and laws. All betting games are available.
    This Site is owned and operated by CSA Polisen Information Co., Ltd. (Address: Suite 1, Commercial House One, Eden Island, Republic of Seychelles) (the "Company") and licensed by the Government of Curacao under license 365/JAZ. comply with regulations.


  3. Changes to Terms
    3.1. We reserve the right to amend, modify, update or change the Terms for any number of reasons, including commercial, legal (to comply with new laws and regulations), and to improve customer service. . The latest terms and effective date can be found on our site. It is each user's responsibility to be aware of the terms of use, and we encourage you to review them regularly. We reserve the right at any time without prior notice to modify our site, services or software, or to change system specifications necessary to use our services.
    3.2. If you do not agree to the terms and system changes, please stop using this site, or contact support after confirming the terms 12. If you use any function of this site after the effective date of the terms, regardless of whether you are aware of or read the updated terms, add, delete, substitute, or change company information pursuant to Section 2.1 of the terms You are deemed to have accepted the updated terms including any changes.


  4. legal requirements
    4.1. In all cases, to use the Site, you must be at least 18 years of age or over the age of majority as defined by law or judicial authority, and use by minors is considered a violation of the Terms of Use. will be The Company reserves the right to request proof of age from the User at any time in order to ensure that the Service is not used by minors. In addition, we have the right to terminate the use of your account if you do not show proof of age or if we suspect that you are underage.
    4.2. Gambling on the Internet may be considered illegal in some jurisdictions. You acknowledge that we cannot provide you with legal advice or guarantees regarding the use of our services, nor do we make any representations regarding the legality of our services in your jurisdiction. please give me. YOUR USE OF THIS SITE IS BASED ON YOUR OWN OPINIONS, POLICIES AND RISK, AND YOU ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR VERIFYING THE LEGALITY IN YOUR JURISDICTION.
    4.3. We cannot allow you to violate the law. You represent and warrant yourself and agree that your use of this site complies with all laws, statutes and regulations. We are not responsible for any illegal or unauthorized actions by you on our site.
    4.4. The Site does not allow users located in Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, France, Netherlands, Sabah, Sint Maarten, Singapore, USA, China, Taiwan and the Philippines to open, fund or use accounts. doing. This Prohibited Territory List may be updated by us from time to time with or without prior notice. If you are a resident of any listed country or located in any of the listed jurisdictions, you agree that you are not permitted to open an Account and that you will not attempt to use an Account. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to make decisions regarding deposits, withdrawals or other funds placed in blocked accounts.
    4.5. You are solely responsible for paying any taxes, fees, etc. on your earnings from the Site. If your jurisdiction stipulates that your winnings are taxable, you will be required to manage and declare your winnings to the appropriate authorities.


  5. Open an account
    5.1. In order to open an account (“Your Account”), it is necessary to correctly register your personal information, including your email address, optional password, name, date of birth, phone number, address, etc.
    5.2. Your name and address on file must be the same as on your ID and related verification documents, and the address on your ID and your address verification documents must match. The right to request the submission of identification documents, etc. (including passports, ID cards, address confirmation documents, and images of credit cards, etc. that can be used for payment) at any time in order to confirm the identity of the customer. has If you do not provide proof of identification, we may temporarily close your account.
    5.3. When registering, you warrant that you have provided accurate personal information and that you will update your registration information from time to time if it changes. Failure to do so may result in account closure, account usage restrictions and/or voiding of deposits (bonuses and winnings).
    5.4. If you have any questions or encounter any problems during registration, you may contact our support service by emailing us at
    5.5. The player account that can be registered on this site is one account for one person, one household, one address, one family, and one IP address. At any time, only one account is permitted to be registered and used by each customer, each household, each address, each shared computer and shared IP address. Opening more than one account on our site by the same player is defined as a "duplicate account" and will be closed.
    If a system review reveals registrations with the same IP, we will need to verify the player's identity for fraud investigations. Players must send photo identification, a copy of a utility bill, or a digital copy.
    5.5.1. All transactions made on Duplicate Accounts will be void.
    5.5.2. All earnings, winnings and bonuses earned on Duplicate Accounts shall be forfeited and all funds withdrawn must be returned to the Site as appropriate.
    5.5.3. The Company is not obligated to compensate bonuses and deposits or any funds on duplicate accounts. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to make decisions regarding the return of lost funds used for bets made through Duplicate Accounts.
    5.5.4. If a Duplicate Account is deemed to have been intentionally created for the purpose of receiving bonuses or other promotions offered by the Casino, and the Duplicate Account is deemed to have been created on a previously created account, We reserve the right to refund any lost funds in a Duplicate Account or the amount of the initial deposit to a Duplicate Account if we believe it to be a deliberate act of fraud, such as if it was created with the intent to obtain the return of funds. We do not accept refund requests for If the Site determines in its sole discretion that the Duplicate Account was created solely for fraudulent and/or fraudulent purposes as described above, the Site will not refund to the player all funds accumulated in such Duplicate Account. is not.


  6. Personal identification document authentication: (anti-money laundering)
    6.1. By obtaining the right to use the services of this site, you represent, warrant, covenant and agree to the following:
    6.1.1. You are not under the age of 18 or under the legal age or the age of majority as defined by the laws applicable to you;
    6.1.2. You are the rightful owner of the funds in your Account and all personal information you provide on the Site at the time of registration and thereafter (such as during a payment or deposit transaction) is true, accurate and up-to-date. , there is no missing information, and the name on your account must match the name on your credit/debit card or other account for depositing or obtaining funds on our site.
    6.1.3. It is your responsibility to fully understand that you may lose money by gambling using our services. Your use of our services is determined solely by your opinions, policies, and risks, and you cannot unfairly claim against us or this site for losses.
    6.1.4. You generally have an understanding of gambling on the Internet and our services, rules and procedures in general. It is your responsibility to ensure that your bet and game details are correct.
    6.2. By agreeing to the Terms, you consent to the confirmation work required by us or by a third party (including regulatory bodies, etc.) such as identification and contact information ("screening work"). increase.
    6.3. During the review, we may restrict withdrawal of funds from your account.
    6.4. If any information you provide to the Site is incorrect, inaccurate, misleading or missing information, it will be deemed a breach of your agreement and we will immediately terminate your account and/or terminate your service. use is prohibited. In addition, we reserve the right to take any other action as determined by us.
    6.5. If we cannot confirm that you have reached the age of majority, we may close your account. If you are found to be underage while engaging in gambling related activities, your account will be closed, all transactions will be voided and any funds deposited by you will be forfeited. . All bets during that time will also be considered void. Any winnings won by you will also be forfeited, including all funds withdrawn from your account.


  7. Username, password and security
    7.1. Do not disclose your User ID and Password to anyone else (whether voluntarily or not) after you have opened an Account. If you lose or forget your password, you can retrieve it by clicking the "Forgot your password?" link under Login.
    7.2. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and all activity on your account. You are also responsible for any losses incurred by you or any third party in the use of your account.
    7.3. Please notify us immediately of any unauthorized use, theft or other breach of security of your account. If required, you agree to provide evidence of unauthorized use or theft of your account.


  8. Deposits and withdrawals
    8.1. In order to play using the Site, you will be required to deposit money into your account.
    8.2. You agree that:
    8.2.1. You acknowledge that all monies deposited into your Account are lawful and specifically not obtained through illegal actions or reasons.
    8.2.2. All credits to your account are authorized and you will not attempt to reverse any funds once credited to your account or refund to any third party to avoid legal liability. yeah.
    8.2.3.Money deposited into the account can be withdrawn when the valid bet amount is 100% of the total deposited amount.
    *Valid bet amount: Amount betted to obtain a winning or losing result.
    (Example: If you bet on either the Player or the Banker, it will result in a tie, and will be excluded from the valid bet amount.)
    8.3. We do not allow third parties, including friends, relatives, partners, husbands and wives, to deposit funds into your account. Please deposit from your own bank account or credit card. If we detect a third-party deposit in your account, all bonuses and winnings will be forfeited. All applicable deposits will be returned to the owner in full.
    8.4. If the refund to the rightful owner requires a bank transfer, all fees are the responsibility of the recipient.
    8.5. We cannot accept cash transfers for funds. We reserve the right to outsource the processing of financial transactions related to your use of our Services to third-party electronic payment providers and other financial institutions. To the extent the third party's terms do not conflict with our terms, you agree to the terms of the third party electronic payment provider or other financial institution.
    8.6. By depositing funds, you agree not to act or attempt to charge back or cancel any fees already paid, and shall not be liable for any chargebacks, refusals or cancellations of payments, or any other liability incurred by us as a result thereof. Losses will be billed to you.
    8.7. Suspected fraudulent payments, including the use of stolen credit cards or other fraudulent activities (including chargebacks and reversals of payments), and deposits for the purpose of exchanging cash between payment systems; If so, we reserve the right to block your account and refund any payouts or winnings already paid. We reserve the right to report fraudulent or illegal payment practices to relevant authorities and agencies (including credit reference agencies), and we may hire them to collect losses. However, under no circumstances will we be held responsible for the use of unauthorized credit cards (even if the card has been registered as stolen).
    8.8. Upon redemption of duplicate accounts, collusion, fraud, criminal activity or attempted error bets, we may, at any time, set off against the cash balance in your account any amounts owed by you to us. increase.
    8.9. Accounts on our Site are not bank accounts and are not insured, endorsed, sponsored or protected by any bank or insurance system. In addition, no interest will accrue on the amount deposited into your account.
    8.9.1. You acknowledge and agree that exchange rates for all currencies, including the Bitcoin exchange rate, are subject to change and that the Site is not responsible for exchange rate fluctuations. increase.
    8.10. You may request withdrawal of funds from your Account at any time, subject to the conditions below.
    8.10.1. Amounts credited to the Account are confirmed as full amounts, chargebacks, reversals or canceled amounts.
    8.10.2. The review of Section 6 of the Terms of Use has been completed.
    8.11. Please note the following when requesting a withdrawal:
    8.11.1. All personal information must be completed and one mobile number must be verified. We also periodically check if the mobile number is valid.
    8.11.2. Withdrawal requests and first credit card deposits are subject to verification of the player's identity for fraud investigations. Please send a copy or digital copy of your passport, photo ID, utility bill, etc. When sending a copy of the card used for depositing, please make sure that the 6 digits other than the first 6 and the last 4 digits and the CVV2 code are not visible. (Example: 1231 23●● ●●●● 1231) When using embossed cards, please be careful of the numbers on the back.
    8.11.3. Withdrawals are possible only if there are no activated bonus rounds (free spins), active free bets on sports bets or risk free bets after a withdrawal request. Also, please be aware that there are no decided or undecided bets, free bets or risk-free bets on undecided sports bets. All bonus rounds, free bets and risk free bets must be played or canceled to complete the withdrawal.
    8.11.4. If you participate in promotions, tournaments or events independently organized by the Site and win prizes, certain fees will be deducted from your prizes. The amount of commission varies depending on the nature of the tournament/promotion/event, but if you hit the jackpot on the provider's slot games, you will not be charged any commission. You can withdraw the full jackpot winnings.
    8.12. There is no limit to the number of cashouts you can make in a day or how much you can win in a day. However, we charge a handling fee for withdrawals, and we will transfer the amount after deducting the handling fee. For details, please be sure to check [Note] at the bottom of the withdrawal page.
    8.13. We reserve the right to review your gaming history within 48 hours when you apply for a withdrawal.
    8.14. The deposit and withdrawal methods currently available on the Site are listed under [Finance Services]. We cannot accept withdrawals to accounts that have no deposit history. In addition, the deposit and withdrawal methods must be the same method, but if the player wishes to withdraw using a method other than the selected deposit method, we reserve the right to change the customer's withdrawal method.
    8.15. If you wish to pay by credit card, please submit the following details (image) together with a piece of paper handwritten "For KONIBET authentication". After the review is completed, we will open the credit card payment function.
    * Identity verification documents
    * Address verification documents
    *credit card
    ・Front: Cardholder and expiration date
    ・Front: First 6 digits and last 4 digits of card number (Example: 1231 23 ●● ●●●● 1231)
    ・Back side: Signature space (Those without a signature are not subject to review, security number is not required)
    Please do not process or edit the image, attach the file and upload it to [KYC-other proof documents] or send it to

    *When depositing using a credit card, the maximum amount per day is $3000 for each withdrawal method.


  9. Betting/playing games
    9.1. You are solely responsible for all conduct and verification of your bets.
    9.2. Subject to our decision, we reserve the right to refuse any or all financial transactions requested by you. Please do not consider your transaction as approved until you receive confirmation from us. If you do not receive confirmation from us that your requested transaction has been approved, please contact support.


  10. Prohibited act
    10.1. We reserve the right to inspect your transaction and gaming history at any time. We reserve the right to void bonuses, winnings and rebates to players who play strategies that we deem to be abusive.
    10.2. If a player who participates in the promotion engages in fraudulent acts (including but not limited to the following) with the aim of receiving a bonus amount larger than the actual bonus amount, the Company will punish all such players in the future. immediately removed from the promotion of
    10.2.1. Simultaneously bet red and black at roulette to increase the wagering requirements, deliberately placing minimal bets almost everywhere on the table.
    10.3. The following bets are illegal when playing on the Site: All earnings, winnings and bonuses will be immediately confiscated by the Company if any of the following acts are discovered: In addition, all earnings, winnings, and bonuses will be immediately confiscated by the Company if the Company determines that it is illegal, not limited to the following.
    10.3.1. Opposite Bets (Roulette: Bet red and black together, Baccarat: Bet Player and Banker together).
    10.3.2.Spreads covering 25 or more numbers (including 25) in roulette/8 or more numbers (including 8) in mini-roulette. Risk hedging bets such as combinations.
    10.3.3.Using strategies and software to minimize risk.
    10.3.4. Speculative means such as collecting free spins on machines with a Collect button when participating in a promotion, then making a separate deposit for the purpose of withdrawing money, and winning cash on the relevant machines in cash play. is prohibited.
    10.4. We reserve the right to void all bonuses and winnings, confiscate deposits and close accounts immediately if we determine that any bonuses or winnings have been misused or abused.


  11. Collusion, Cheating, Fraud, Criminal Behavior
    11.1. The following actions are considered violations of the Terms.
    11.1.1. Transfer Information to Third Parties.
    11.1.2. Exploit any bugs, loopholes, software or errors (known as "Cheats") or gain an unfair advantage, including automated players ("Bots");
    11.1.3. Obtaining an unfair advantage by using stolen, duplicated or unauthorized credit or debit cards as a deposit method.
    11.1.4. Money laundering or any other criminal activity that violates laws and regulations.
    11.1.5. Participate in or attempt to collude with other players, directly or indirectly, while playing the Game;
    11.2. Abuse of free bonuses received from the Site is prohibited.
    11.3. If we find players colluding, we will take appropriate action with good reason. We are not responsible for any loss of the customer.
    11.4. If you suspect a person of collusion, cheating or other criminal activity, please report it to us by email as soon as possible.
    11.5. Money laundering or other illegal or inappropriate behavior by you may result in immediate termination of your access to the Service and blocking of your account. In such cases, we are under no obligation to refund you any funds in your account. We reserve the right to inform relevant authorities, online service providers, banks, credit card companies, electronic transaction providers and financial institutions of any unlawful, fraudulent or inappropriate conduct by you, and you may Cooperate in investigations of conduct.
    11.6. We reserve the right to block your account and confiscate any funds in your account if we believe that you are using our services or software in a malicious manner.
    11.7. If we discover any fraudulent activity that distorts normal gameplay or intentionally abuses or abuses game mechanics in order to meet withdrawal wagering requirements, we reserve the right to We reserve the right to confiscate all bonuses, winnings and close your account immediately.


  12. Other prohibitions
    12.1. You may not use offensive or violent words or images, verbally abuse or threaten other users or our staff.
    12.2. Actions that cause the Site to malfunction or interfere with the normal operation of the Site (for example, the spread or reproduction of viruses, worms, logic bombs, or similar actions) are prohibited. It is forbidden to double-submit or spam our site. Please refrain from interfering with, falsifying, deleting or otherwise altering any information available on this site.
    12.3. The Site may only be used for personal entertainment and the Site or any part thereof may not be reproduced in any form without express consent.
    12.4. You shall not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the server on which the Site is stored or to which it is connected, any server, computer or database. You must not attack our site in a denial of service attack or otherwise. Any violation of this will result in immediate termination of your right to use our Site by reporting such violation to the relevant law enforcement authorities and cooperating with those authorities by disclosing your identity to you.
    12.5. We are not responsible for any denial of service attacks, virus outbreaks, etc. that may damage your computer or data by downloading content from our site.
    12.6. It is forbidden to intentionally lose a game or sell or transfer accounts between players in order to transfer money to another player. If you find any of the above, we will confiscate any bonuses and winnings you have so far.
    12.7. We reserve the right to check and review player bets. If we decide to restrict access to sports betting and temporarily or permanently block a user account if fraudulent activity or conduct designed to profit from website loopholes is discovered during inspection; there is. In this case, payment decisions are at our discretion.


  13. Contract period and contract termination
    13.1. You will be responsible for any activity on your Account during the period until you request closure of your Account or it is terminated.
    13.2. We reserve the right to collect any fees incurred prior to closing your account. You will not receive any refunds if your account is terminated, suspended or cancelled.
    13.3. Upon termination of your Account, any obligations imposed and rights granted up to that time shall be null and void for us and you, both in accordance with these Terms.
    13.4 We may block or terminate a player's account (including username and password) immediately without notice.
    13.4.1. if for any reason we decide to stop providing the Service generally or only to the applicable Customer;
    13.4.2. If your account is found to be associated with an account that has been previously closed.
    13.4.3. If we find that your account is associated with or associated with a blocked account, we will terminate your account regardless of the nature of such relationship, the registration information provided, or for any other reason. may occur. Any balance due upon account termination will be refunded to you within a reasonable period of time upon your request, but we reserve the right to deduct from your balance any amounts owed by you to us. .
    13.4.4. You attempt to manipulate information in the code of the Software or participate in collusion;
    13.4.5. Tamper with or attempt to tamper with the Software in any way;
    13.4.6. commit a crime, such as attempting to access the Website from a jurisdiction that considers it illegal to play the Game;
    13.4.7. You publish language or content that is defamatory, offensive, discriminatory, harmful, obscene, or may be perceived as the foregoing;
    13.5. If your account has been inactive for a period of 6 months or more, we may close your account without prior notice. If your account is closed for the reasons stated above, the validity of the Terms will also end on the date and time of your account closure.
    13.6. If we find an account that has not been used for a long time, we will suspend the use of the account and notify the player by email.


  14. Changes to our site
    14.1. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to revise and change the content of the services on this site.


  15. system failure
    15.1. In the event of an unexpected error, problem or bug in the software or hardware used to operate the Site, we will take prompt action to resolve the problem. This site will not be held responsible or compensated for any malfunction of the system functions of the customer's computer or Internet server used to access this site.


  16. errors or glitches
    16.1. Circumstances in which a bet is accepted or a payment is made to you due to an error on our part (e.g. insufficient explanation of the betting terms, manual or automatic errors in the calculation of winnings or profits due to input errors), often when the Company incorrectly accepts bets or payouts (e.g. inaccurate game terms due to obvious errors or data entry errors); ), or an error due to a computer failure, or the bonus/refund amount paid to you may be automatically entered incorrectly and you may make the wrong decision. We reserve the right to refuse, limit or cancel bets at any time.
    16.2. Unfair winnings due to human error, bugs, software errors or malfunctions, malfunctions of the game itself or the software that makes the game work according to the prescribed rules (“Errors”). We are not obliged to pay such Winnings if any of these occur to you, and you are obliged to report any Errors to us immediately and promptly reimburse any Winnings already paid due to an error or mistake. I have.
    16.3. Neither we (our employees or agents) nor our partners or providers shall be liable for any loss or loss of winnings resulting from errors on our part or your part.
    16.4. The Company shall not be held responsible for any damages or losses caused by blocking or misuse of information transmission on the Internet by directors, managers, employees of parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliated companies.


  17. liability exclusion
    17.1. You are free to choose to use our services and agree to do so at your own discretion, policy and risk.
    17.2. We provide the Site with reasonable technical skill and care, as stated in the Terms. We do not make any further promises or guarantees regarding the services on this site. LIABILITY FOR OTHER IMPLIED WARRANTIES HEREIN IS EXCLUDED (TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW).
    17.3. Unforeseen by us at this stage in connection with your use of the Site or the use of any link on the Site, including but not limited to data, profits, business, opportunity, loss of goodwill or reputation, or intervention in business; In the event of loss or damage, the Company shall not be liable in contract, tort, negligence or otherwise.


  18. Violation of terms
    18.1. You are responsible for complying with any claims or obligations arising from your breach of the Terms, bearing any costs or expenses (including legal costs) incurred, and responding to any other claims arising from your breach.
    18.2. You agree to indemnify us against any claims, claims, damages, losses, costs and expenses (including legal costs) arising from:
    18.2.1. Violation of any of the Site Terms by you;
    18.2.2. Violate any law or third party rights by you;
    18.2.3. You may use or access the Services using your ID with or without your permission;
    18.3. If you materially breach the Terms, whether exercised or not, we reserve the right to:
    18.3.1. If a violation of the Terms is discovered, we will warn you of the violation via the contact information registered on this site.
    18.3.2. close your account and stop betting or participating in games on the Site;
    18.3.3. Close your account without prior notice.
    18.3.4. cancel bonuses, winnings, rebates and withdrawals earned by you due to serious misconduct;
    18.4. We reserve the right to terminate your account if you breach any provision of the Terms.


  19. Intellectual property right
    19.1. The copyright and ownership of the contents of this site belong to us and are used under the license of a legitimate third party who owns us. Any downloadable or printable information on this site is for your personal, non-commercial use only.
    19.2. In any event, your use of the Site transfers to you part of the intellectual property rights (copyrights, know-how, trademarks, etc.) owned by us or a legitimate third party. It is not.
    19.3. You may not reproduce or use any trade names, trademarks or logos on the Site or any other content created by us.
    19.4. You are solely responsible for any damages suffered and any costs or expenses incurred by you as a result of any Prohibited Practices or conduct related to Prohibited Practices. In the event that a customer discovers any prohibited act by another user, the customer shall promptly report it to the Company and reasonably cooperate with the investigation conducted by the Company.


  20. your personal information
    20.1. The use of personal information collected during your use of the Site must be in a manner that complies with data protection requirements. We are careful in using your personal information. Personal information provided by customers will be managed in accordance with our personal information protection policy.
    20.2. By providing information to us, you agree that we will use your personal information in a manner consistent with our terms and conditions for the operation of this site and in accordance with our legal and regulatory obligations. will do.
    20.3. It is our policy that your personal information will only be disclosed to those employees whose work is necessary for the provision of our services.
    20.4. Records of all communications (including copies of emails) between us and you will be kept in order to maintain an accurate record of the information you have provided.


  21. Use of cookies on our site
    21.1. We use "cookies" to provide certain features on our Site. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer when you access this site, and it is a function that recognizes who has accessed this site when you access it again. For more information on managing and deleting cookies, please visit Please note that if you delete or disable cookies on this site, you may not be able to access or use some functions of this site.


  22. complaints and notices
    22.1. If you have a complaint about the Site, please contact our support service first.
    22.2. In the event of any dispute, you agree that the server records will act as the final authority in determining the outcome of any claim.
    22.3. You acknowledge that the results of the games on the Site are randomly generated and you accept all results of the games. If there is any discrepancy between the game results on our server and your computer, the game results on our server will be valid. As for your account balance, if you see any discrepancies between our server and your screen, we will justify the balance figure on our server. Any balance appearing in your account as a result of human error or mechanical failure will be forfeited.


  23. translation/interpretation
    23.1. The original text of this Agreement is Japanese, and the interpretation of the content is based on the original Japanese text. If the Terms and any related documents or notices are translated into multiple languages, the Japanese version will take precedence.


  24. Events beyond our control
    24.1. The Company shall not be bound by the Terms due to acts of God, war, civil commotion, disruption of public communication networks or services, industrial disputes, DDoS attacks (distributed denial of service) or other attacks that cause similar adverse effects (force majeure). We shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performance of our obligations.
    24.2. In the event of a force majeure event referred to in (24.1), the Site undertakes to do its best to resolve and to fulfill its obligations.


  25. abstain, renounce
    25.1. If we fail to enforce any of your obligations, or fail to exercise any other rights or remedies we may have, even if that fact constitutes a waiver of those rights or remedies, does not imply a waiver of any legal adaptation.
    25.2. A waiver of default on our part is not a waiver of future default. No waiver of any provision by us will be effective unless we have communicated the waiver to you in writing in accordance with the above.


  26. separable matter
    26.1. Any provision of the Terms determined to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable shall be excised from the remaining terms, conditions and provisions which shall remain in full force and effect as long as permitted by law. In such event, the portions deemed invalid or unenforceable will be amended to comply with applicable law and to conform as closely as possible to our original intent.


  27. Governing law
    27.1. The Terms shall be construed and regulated in accordance with the laws of Curacao and you shall agree to the validity, effect, interpretation and activity of the Terms or to settle any dispute (set-off of complaints or counterclaims) with us arising out of the Terms. , subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Curacao, for our benefit.


  28. Link
    28.1. Our Site contains links to sites outside our jurisdiction that are not governed by our terms and conditions. We are not responsible for the content of this site of any third party or for the acts or omissions of their owners or their advertising or sponsorship content on this site. Links to our Site by others are provided for informational purposes only. You use those links at your own risk.


  29. Data protection policy
    This policy explains how we use and protect the data we collect.
    29.1 Rights and Obligations
    29.1.1 Your Rights
    We have the following rights regarding your personal information:
    ● The right to access your personal information held by us (also known as personal information requests).
    ● Right to receive certain personal information in machine-readable form
    ● Right to rectification of inaccurate personal information
    ● This site specifically asks for your consent to process and maintain your personal information. If you can prove that there is no clear legal basis, you can argue that you do not agree.
    ● where it is no longer necessary to process and maintain, where you have withdrawn your consent in accordance with the paragraph above, where you have objected in accordance with the paragraph below, where your personal information has been unlawfully processed, where your personal information has been processed in accordance with our legal obligations; Right to erasure of certain personal information, such as when it is necessary to erase the information
    ● the right to object to processing based on our legitimate interests lawful basis, provided that there are other relevant legal bases or because it cannot be overridden by your rights, interests or freedoms, personal We will continue to process your personal data if we have compelling reasons to continue processing the data.
    ● the right to request an explanation of the logic behind decisions made about you through automated means only;
    ● the right to complain to the user's national data protection supervisory authority;
    ● The right to object to direct marketing, which may be opted out through your account or communications. You also have the right to object to profiling insofar as it relates to direct marketing.
    If you are unsure of your rights or have any concerns about how we process your personal information, we encourage you to contact your national data protection supervisory authority.
    If you wish to exercise your rights, please contact us using the methods below. We try our best to respond to requests regarding your rights, but these are not necessarily absolute rights. This means that we may have to refuse your request, or we may not be able to comply with some of your requests.
    If you make a request regarding your rights, you will be required to provide proof of your identity. We may also ask you to clarify your request. We will endeavor to respond to any request within one month of verifying your identity. We reserve the right not to respond if we receive repeated requests or if we have reason to believe that a request has been made unreasonably.
    29.1.2 Your Obligations
    All details provided to us during registration or at any time thereafter, including any part of the deposit process and professional information, are true, current, accurate and complete.
    A user's account with us is for the sole use of the user. User shall not allow any third party (including relatives) to use User's account, password or ID to access or use the Service or Software, and User shall not allow any third party to access or use User's account, password or ID. You are solely responsible for any activities undertaken by you. You shall not disclose your account username and password to any other person and shall take all steps to ensure that such details are not known to anyone else. If you suspect that your account is being misused by a third party, or that a third party has access to your account username and password, you shall immediately notify us and we will notify you accordingly. Allow the issue to be investigated. In addition, you shall cooperate with us in the course of any such investigation, as we may request.
    29.1.3 Our Rights
    We reserve the right to refuse any player or close a player's account if we deem it necessary to comply with our policies or protect our interests.
    We reserve the right to change our Terms of Use at any time without notice.
    29.1.4 Our Obligations
    Your personal information may be disclosed to any company in our group for the above purposes and processed by that company in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
    We may also disclose your personal information to processors to provide services on our behalf. Such processors will only process your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and we will enter into agreements with such processors to ensure that your personal information is kept secure. will do.
    We may also disclose your personal information in the following cases.
    ● to defend us in connection with legal and/or legal proceedings as required by law or regulation applicable to a government agency, regulatory authority or enforcement agency;
    ● When the Company reorganizes its group and transfers the operation of this website to another group company.
    ● if we choose to outsource the operation of our website to a third-party service provider, or if we acquire, sell, acquire, merge, finance, invest, reorganize, or sell all or part of our business or assets; to negotiate and perform any sale, assignment, sale, disclosure, and other proceedings pursuant thereto;
    29.2 Check, change or delete personal data
    If you would like to review, change or delete your personal data stored on this site, please contact us at Therefore, for identification purposes, please take a picture of your passport and send it to us.
    We reserve the right to refuse any excessive requests.
    29.3 Cookies
    A cookie is a simple text file stored in your web browser that allows us to recognize you when you visit our website. Cookies are extremely important to the operation of this site and are also used to provide you with a more personalized service.
    Cookies collect some personal information about you when you visit our website. Different cookies collect different information.
    You can manage your cookie settings through the browser settings on your computer or smartphone. Please note that you cannot use without cookies. Please contact us if you need the functionality of each cookie used on this site.

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